Monday, 14 February 2011

The first wish to come true

Maybe there were others. But this specific wish, I caught it. I did. I caught the moment when I said: 'It would've been better if there was a baby at the beginning of your sentence.'

And now there is. I am. I'm glad. Actually, I'm grateful for all the chaos. Because now I can look back, and I often do because there were some pretty sweet fucked up moments back then and I can say 'ha! look at us now, baby!'.

For all the back then moments, I must have kept a special camera somewhere, because all these pictures are popping out now. And it's pretty awesome.

Because we have a right now. And none of us walked away. We both walked in. In for good. Actually, in for the best.

Beat it now, cheesiness! Enough space you took with your fluffy sweet cotton candy words. Beat it and leave room for the heart.ed fish we're gonna cook tonight.

Catch this wish with a fish.ique, please!

P.S.: Photo credits to CubaGallery, randomly found on flickr with the vintage photo camera search.

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