Thursday, 17 February 2011

When you know it's a keeper

And this one is. I could stare at it for as long as a daydream lasts (and it can last for a while now) and imagine the people inside it, the little cloth table and the home made cookies freshly baked by him and the milk in the glass staining the savage beard and the lace dress left by her on the flowery armchair and I can see them both in a bustling city and I can feel them both in an incredible harmony that beats all outside hustle and leaves them both with their dreams and I can see them fulfilling their dreams.

And there is no point and no coma, no exclamation point and no other pointless points disturbing the dream. This way, the dream shall come out and meet reality.

On a big jet plane

Giving back Cesar his true belongings, the photo credit:

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