Monday, 23 May 2011

the enchanted findings

It started last week. When I found Lana. I like it simple. And very confusing all the same. And what I saw from Lana did it for me. She answered my call and I was extremely excited. Because I like it very much when people are ready to explore, together with other people.

Today I found out two more fabulous things. But first, an almost 1 month old picture, of a great foody finding in Istanbul.

The first one, in the order of their appearance on my email and facebook wall, announced that one of my Screenwriting friends and colleagues (since we're only four, it's hard not to get friendly) won an award in the HBO screenwriting competition. Her boyfriend followed the pattern and they're both going to TIFF. I was really happy for her.

The next one is an incredibilistic thing that a friend from FJSC managed: Cristina B─ârbulescu wrote a book and she published it in Paris, at l'Harmattan. The book is about the hard work of an Opera communication officer in this clubbers' world. I was happy again today.

These are things that happen to people who believe. Who believe in their passion and who don't let go. Don't think that Roxana or Cristina have it easy. I don't believet it. Nonetheless, they did it. And I am so happy. Indeed, there is a 'maybe I will' some day feeling going round and about inside me. Anyway, we shall not know about that until it happens.

And in the end of this news report, we shall sing an enchanted finding: Black Magic Woman, courtesy of the girl with the magic dress.

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