Thursday, 30 June 2011

Why are we getting together forever and ever?

Who the fuck can tell?
Best answer would be love. And this is the one I would put all my emotions on, as money would be too tacky to be involved.
The kind of fucked up love, which makes you look like a total freak. Because L is powerful. I mean it would be serene and peaceful if we were talking about quiet love. But the loud kind of love makes you scream with the power of a just launched sky rocket. And I assume that is big.

So, even if there are so many frustrations, so much past and tons of mean things that one can say just in the name of so much extrafucking love, we will grow old together. And take care of each others' steps on the way. Because now there is only one, even if sometimes limping.

And this is how we invited our work colleagues. Good for us we're sharing an office. Rule number 1 is no rule anymore.

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