Friday, 20 April 2012

How Dorothy is such a Drama Queen

It was one of those evenings when your schedule is already settled, but then something new comes along and you say 'Hey, what the fuck? This sounds like it could work out better than my schedule." And it did. 

After the walk on the Cale a Victoriei, and the bagged shoes at the abrit d'un bloc, we went looking for ourselves. I knew I was doing that, at least. I was looking for the summer days right before my wedding day. I found what I was looking for. That was the moment Dorothy put her shoes on for the night. 

Then the wine unbottled. The cheese came into little bits. And the almonds disappeared from the square bowl.

The shoes got to rest the souls of their feet.

The laughter and the fabulous babbling talks were spilled from the glasses. 

And Dorothy always has a hard time understanding that the shoes can not always stay on her feet. Probably because they would hurt her. But she doesn't quite get the grasp of that. So that's why she's such a Drama Queen. Hopefully her King won't let her. fall down.

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