Friday, 21 September 2012

Never to get used

You say it's a good thing. I fear it with all my petty heart.

I want you never to get used. I want to never get used.
Nevertheless, you get used. Even I get used. To me, to you, to us, to him, to her, to the ring, to the house, to the words, to the love you too line.
It's comfy, I know. But I don't like comfy. I don't like balance. I don't like equilibrium.

This is why I like it so much to have two teapots of mint & honey at a tiny table with a limping light coming out of the candle in the jar, finger mixing the salad, eating out of your blue cheese sandwich. I like having fun, having cheesecake-y romance and then watching a football game.

Having not to get used to this but wanting all the time to get used to it. Você não entende nada.

I would have liked it last night to have the diadem on.

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