Friday, 23 November 2012

Have an After Eight or an After Laughter

I had this friend, colleague. A pretty mess in the brains he was. But a smart mess. And a terrible mess in the heart. A painful mess that was. Still is.

And every time something wrong happened to his heart and to his life, he tried to make something rational out of it. Every single time. And every single time we would end up having this conversation:

"Anca, you see, I was expecting this. I am not that sad because I was expecting it. Like I know that after this shit something good will come."

He had this theory, heard before from some other friend of mine (a girl..maybe I should try to hook them up:). According to his theory, life is like this:
a. if you are in a really happy era of your life, you should expect something bad happening pretty soon;
b. if you are in a really shitty era, well then you should expect something peachy happening.
The happier the era, the worse the after. The shittier the era, the peachier the after.

Now, what shall I have: an After Eight or an After Laughter? 

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