Thursday, 24 March 2011

cookish friends. or thank you for the table, wine&knives!

Last night we were the happy guests of two of our friends (for some of us, new friends). They are a couple, he is cooking. She helps him out. By trying all his foods:). They also have a blog, which I recommend, by the way: wine & knives - this is where we got our breadful brunch recipe from.

But it appears we gave them quite a challenge, since I'm fasting these days. We were delighted by all the merinde we were served at the table. Delicious. But they told us several times that almost every recipe was reinterpreted, because of the fasting. So...this is what we almost ate (we ate like crazies, actually and the white wine was a perfect company. for some of us:)

First round: cold served just made gazpacho

Extra first round: we've got some just out of the oven almost naan (almost because there is no yogurt, apparently there should have been)

Second and third round: hummus with some summak on top, great tasting pesto rosso and pesto. And then Madalin came with baked in the oven whole potatoes, which we flavoured with lots of aioli and salsa tomate. The aioli was really...garlic-ish and we loved it. Even the next morning garlic taste:))

And the dessert: the fasting girl got a tangerine, while the egg&milk eaters got a home made nougat.

Really now. Thank you for the table:)) and call us again. Anytime.


  1. She helps him out. By trying all his foods:))))
    so true!!!

    Va mai asteptam si asteptam sa va apucati si voi de gatit:))

  2. we are, we are. but not so much showing off from us:)). but we'll come to you on any call, for sure, no doubt about that!:))

    and about your chores..that's what I like to do: depict and story tell, the best I feel:))