Friday, 1 April 2011

would it work for ballet aussi?

I saw this video today and I got a bit excited, I admit. Mainly, because it is about dancing. And I looove to dance, even if I kind of skipped my dancing classes for so long in this last year and I miss the guys a lot and their energy.

Coming back, I was talking about this video. It's a commercial for adidas - they came up with some cool sport shoes, that make music. And they took the guys from Les Twins to make sure we get the point. I did and I liked. I'm not a big fan of their all in campaign, but this shit, it's cool.

'Adidas worked with a French coder, Didier Brun, to create the 'Megalizer' system, promoting its new Mega brand in France. It places sensors in each shoe, along with a wireless transmitter that captures the pressure applied to the sensors. Users can control the sounds they make using an interface.'

Let's dance, little darling!

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