Wednesday, 16 March 2011

the day where

there was ice cream with true strawberries. no picture, but Venchi is the name and it pulls up its drapes every morning, right next to the Omnivore's Dilemma's door.

there was sun

there was hunger for food. and there was, finally, someone to make us the well deserved and desired fresh sandwiches.

there was road trip

there was police and we didn't miss it

there was some bare naked legs staring

there was the place where. not yet sure if affordable or not. but there it was


  1. Ce misto e poza cu apusul; ff frumoasa! Ma face sa imi doresc si mai mult sa merg la tara, in Pitesti. E zona de campie si acolo se vad niste apusuri frumoase rau, din curte de la bunica-mea.

    Ah, sau din Delta! Ce-ati facut? Ati deschis cutia Pandorei din care ies apusuri. Si mai iese si un clasament cu 3 locuri: 1. Sf Ghe, 2. Killarney si 3. Pitesti :))

    In toamna cred ca vin cu update-uri. :)

  2. why wait till autumn, say I?:))
    the nice place where the sunset picture happened is called Conacul dintre Vii and is a great vineyard resort on a hill in Urlaţi, at about 80 km away from Bucharest, to Buzău.