Thursday, 17 March 2011

what's the point of hiding, Pablo?

I found a kind of a sequel. A musical one, that is. It comes from Billie The Vision & The Dancers (a whole lot of name). It all started this morning, when a friend gave me this song, from the same long named band. I liked the song, so I wanted more.

This is how I ended up listening to Nightmares, a song in which they are looking for Pablo. Then, bam!, I found where Pablo was (a discovery almost newsworthy for a very special TV station in Romania). Pablo was in another song, and he was actually stating the obvious right in the title: I'm Pablo.

The trick is that both songs are played by the same band. Damn amnesia..or what? else...


  1. Hahahahahaha! Ce-mi place când le duci depaaarte, Dragă Prietenă! yeey. Thumbs up pentru formațiile cu nume dubios de lungi

  2. like...Kings of Convenience, with a long and challenging to pronounce noun, but with such nice silly songs:)). pa dam: