Thursday, 26 January 2012

Peace-less mind, breakthrough soul

Snow is coming down the cloud-drain. Friends are having babies. Really, they are having babies as we speak, at least one of them; the others just had them or are about to. Strangers are writing from the walls of their souls and other strangers are reading, a few are actually listening what they're eyes see out of the windows .

Thoughts succeed to break through and make the mind quietly peace-less outside and loudly outraged inside. All in all, strong is not as strong as I thought. But weak is not as weak as I considered it to be, either. They just don't make it together right now, the balance. And I'm not sure they ever will, either. Though balance is good, some people just don't feel at home when balanced, maybe only sometimes. So they need the loss, the flaws, the mistaken roads. And one day they feel home again.

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