Monday, 27 February 2012

Monday cabinet

I take advice:

This is Monday's therapy. I checked in at this cabinet and after reading and listening a bit, I got my conclusion, except for the obvious one that I just have to write, no complicated thinking mechanism involved:

When you're growing up, you sometimes feel you wanna go back. To where you were, to what you remember you liked being. And that is the very moment you start being a bit jealous on everything and everyone who is in that very point you used to be. Or at least in a similar one. And you lose a bit yourself, your track of your own path. But there are also the good people, showing you you should enjoy, you should never forget to be happy, you should just fucking live what you have.

Goodbye J, welcome H!

Oh, and I almost forgot: good guys don't wear white, that's how I know you're such a pretty face in a powerful body, but with a power-puff soul.

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