Friday, 18 May 2012

The sun san


The sun san (it's what I imagine to be the past tense from sun, if sun would be a verb) at the first hearing of the song above.
It has brightness and the power to distress any stress. 
Like this sun sunning yesterday. Even behind the stains on the glass, at an hour not suitable for the sun to come out and on a weather not suitable for umbrellas to stay in house.

And it continued sunning today. Actually, today it came out bright early in the morning, out of a pack of rose roses, accompanied by the card below. I thank three clumsy in hiding surprises gals for that, but beautiful in intention. And Mr. Beards for helping them, or at least trying. It's all about trying.

 And then, to continue my journey within the sun, I tried putting things in a different perspective. Trying, again, is the magic word.

  If you have the right imagination, you can see a girl listening to music at her headphones

  a chandelier, a very big chandelier
and a bouquet of rose roses. 

If you have other kind of imagination, well know better what is good for you to see.
But do, please, try to see them. And the sun sunning, maybe in the samba rhythm.

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