Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Blind Shaded

I got back there today. And there turned into here.
Wherever there is chaos, there must be someone taking it beautifully easy and effortlessly quiet.
Like in this bustling Saint Tropez, where the two hours entry queue welcomes you to the heart of all the flashing light opulence parading in the bay.
But were you to leave this bay and go out searching for a quieter Saint Tropez, all the noise for nothing is blind-shaded. And you start to get used to the whisper of linen curtains, to the shush of the tea leaving the teapot and to the clean boing of a jeweler's work in progress.
It just popped as the right example of how some people can make it in blind shading the chaos. I guess you just need to find the right blind shades that you simply cannot live without.

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