Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Female Argonaut. Aristotle, J. Verne and Elvis P.

I am a girl of many obsessions.
I used to have these long term obsessions, but for quite a while now I find myself obsessing quite often over  many things for a short while: objects, shapes, states, songs, characters and words.
Beards finds this quite fascinating, as he seldom tells me: "You have the weirdest fascinations and obsessions."
I obsess over the smoke coming out of cigarettes, I obsess over the way hair gets all messy after you seat in a certain position, I obsess over the flight of a bird, I am all fascinated by Brâncuși, his posture and the songs his lover sang to him. I had a 2 day obsession for the word otaku and a longer one for a Japanese song, Rollin' Rollin'.

Today's obsession is The Argonaut. The Female Argonaut
Aristotle thought they would make great boats, because of their shell: the shell could have been the boat, while the tentacles would have been the rowers.
This is probably how they got their name: of its names, "argonaut" means "sailor on the Argo"; "nautilus" is derived from the Greek ναυτίλος, meaning "sailor", because it was formerly supposed that Argonauta used their shell-secreting arms as sails when they were at the surface.

And maybe, but maybe this is why Jules Verne depicted them in his novel, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

 the Nautilus, surrounded by Argonauts

The argonauts (genus Argonauta, the only extant genus in the Argonautidae family) are a group of pelagic octopuses. They are also called paper nautiluses, referring to the paper-thin eggcase that females secrete. (Wikipedia says and other bio-marine sources do, too)
the female Argonaut. the juvenile female

the female Argonaut and her egg case

the Argo shell

And like almost all of my fascinations, the nutshell of it all is a piece of information that I decide to hold on to from the large amount of information passing me by. This time, it was a wine branding and naming. The Argonaut. I am not yet convinced that I would drink the wine, but I do appreciate what it already gave me.
 The wine simply doesn't go without music, so I have one on.repeat song. From the one with a charmingly cracked shell, Elvis Presley. Ladies and Argonauts, row towards this day's drift with some Suspicious Minds.

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